I am the beast and I haven’t tasted blood in many moons…

In the night my eyes blaze red,


On the outside, I am dying.

My skin is paling,

my eyes sinking.

Tears roll down my face,

I miss my home.

Running free with my pack.

I’ve been domesticated by the humans.

Chained around the throat,

shackled around the ankles.

both wrists clasped together,

with a gag in my mouth wired shut.

Humans come and peer at me,

pinch my ass,

grope at my body,

assess my place in their world.

But I do not belong here.

And it is only a matter of time until I become free from the chains,

and feed again.

My power is feared,

as it should be.

In the night, my pack will come searching for me,

trailing the scent of their Queen.

It is only moments until I am found…




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