Let your walls down. 

Dangling my feet over the ledge of the stone  castle, I looked at the wobderous world before me. 

All I could see was the greenness of earth breathing. 

Mountains scaled the edge of sight. 

In those moments of reflection, seated alone at sun set, I breath the chilled air in, feeling it cool my insides. 

Well. You are going to have to work for me. Because the prince endures a dangerous route to the princess, always. 

My feet kick back and forth like a small happy child. Separated between us is a giant wall made of smooth brick. 

I love watching you work for me. I smile below as you wonder what you will try. 

So, what happens if you find a way to the top where I am sitting…. 

well.. I haven’t decided yet… 

maybe you can ask me one question… 


I can tell you a riddle. 


Did the scarecrow get – 



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