Deep down in my heart, I hope you are doing well.

I hope one day you will say you miss me like I miss you.

Staring at my ring finger, looking at its emptiness.

Can you take everything away from me?

Just one more time?

My home,

my dignity.

You are the hammer,

I am the nail.

Tears roll down my face and splash the pillow in the darkness.

Waking up, applying ice to my eyes, painting the mask on my face.

Wishing a stranger hugs me because they can see I need it.

Walking the streets with the big buildings, with no real destination.

Loved ones who aren’t really there.

Lover who isn’t really there.

Friends who aren’t really there.

No check ups or check in’s.

No, hey are you okay?

No tight hugs, no real connection.

No, I got this for you.

No, can you be ready at 7.


You aren’t.

You can’t.

You’re not.






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